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  • Companies that embrace the development of an overall patent strategy have a competitive advantage and a key differentiator in their market.

Our name, Patent Monetization Inc., should give you a good indication of what we do. As a full service firm, we specialize in assisting companies and individual inventors in all aspects of monetizing their intellectual property, including strategic advisory services, brokerage, licensing, litigation management and securing litigation financing. Think of us as your partner – a partner that can navigate the immensely complicated and influence-oriented world of patents and patent monetization.

What people are saying about us

“We’re extremely pleased with the services PMI provided to us. They helped us to understand what we had, how to maximize the value and they then helped us to realize this value.”

Paul NykampCTO, Octopz, Inc.

“Service and advice have always been timely, effective, and thought-through. Paul’s determination and ability to monitor and steer the development of a deal to its completion is remarkable.”

Susan HuangCooler Master Legal Department

“Paul has the listening and communications skills necessary to extract information from our buyers while performing IP analyses and conducting successful negotiations. Paul possesses solid business development skills, which have enabled him to source multiple clients for multiple IP portfolios in rapid timeframes.”

Feisal MoslehFormer Director, HP Patent Sales Group

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