Patent Brokerage Services

What We Do

  • Create preliminary evidence of use charts to show enforcement value of patents

  • Create a marketing teaser outlining the value of patent portfolio to potential buyers

  • Create an in-depth data room with valuable information that can be accessed by potential buyers after an NDA is executed

  • Use our vast global contacts to approach ideal potential buyers including those that buy to enforce, defensive aggregator funds, patent litigation funds and strategic operating company buyers

  • Manage the sales process

  • Negotiate appropriate sale price for the portfolio

  • Work with your corporate lawyer to negotiate appropriate terms and conditions of the Patent Purchase Agreement

Our Experience

Since 2010 PMI has sold over 450 patent assets that represent several transactions ranging from the sale of a single patent to complex global portfolios of over 100 patents. Our clients are both domestic and international and we know all the patent buyers globally.

PMI has conducted transactions with strategic buyers, non-practicing entities and defensive aggregation funds. PMI is experienced in cross-border patent transactions and negotiating complex patent purchase agreements both for and with large Fortune 500 companies and small inventor-owned technology companies. PMI has been directly involved in patent monetization strategies relating to a variety of technology segments including; Video Technologies, Automotive, IoT, light-emitting diodes, online collaboration software, cleantech, search and personalization technologies, network hardware and software, digital media, wireless technology and smartphones.

Sample Prior Engagements

  • Successfully brokered the sale of a 30+ patent portfolio related to infotainment and vehicle sensor technology.

  • Sold a single patent to a defensive patent aggregator for multiple millions of dollars.

  • Successfully brokered the sale of over 80 patents assigned to HP. These patents were sold to Everready Battery Corp and were related to fuel cell technology.

  • Successfully brokered the sale of over 150 patent assets assigned to Cooler Master based in Taiwan.

Why should you hire PMI for Patent Brokerage Services?

PMI is uniquely positioned to maximize the value of patent portfolios through sale, because we understand and have extensive experience in all aspects of patent monetization from successfully managing high profile patent litigations, to negotiating licensing and settlement discussions and successfully brokering the sale of over 450 patent assets. Covering all aspects of patent monetization has allowed PMI to develop an extensive electronic Rolodex of all the patent buyers and influencers in the industry. This is PMI’s Intellectual Property and the key competitive advantage we have in the patent monetization business, which will serve you well in maximizing the value of your patent portfolio.