Patent Litigation Services

What We Do

  • Conduct preliminary assessment of infringement and target infringers

  • Source contingency or partial contingency litigation council

  • Source non-recourse specialized patent litigation financing to cover clients 3rd party or partial contingency fees and expenses

  • Assist in the negotiation of appropriate financial terms and conditions for engagement agreements with patent litigation counsel and funding agreements with specialty patent litigation funders

  • Strategically business manage the patent litigation program on behalf of our client and advise our client of all business decisions that need to be made to direct and assist litigation counsel towards a successful monetization outcome

Our Experience

PMI principals managed the i4i vs. Microsoft litigation that resulting in a $290 Million court ordered award plus accrued interest in favour of i4i. This was a watershed patent case that went all the way to the Supreme Court which saw i4i defend – for the benefit of all patent owners – the clear and convincing evidence standard required to invalidate a patent. There are few intermediaries and indeed few patent litigation firms that have been involved in cases that go to the Supreme Court.

The i4i vs. Microsoft case also resulted in a permanent injunction against Microsoft a ruling that is almost unheard of in today’s patent environment. Our experience in managing through the requirements to obtain a permanent injunction provides PMI with a unique experience that can benefit our clients.

We also have experience with filing a Preliminary Injunction which resulted in a fast track jury hearing and a nine-figure court ordered award in favour of one of our clients.

Over the past 10 years PMI principals have managed several patent litigation cases for our clients through to trial. During this time we have advised clients on how to mitigate the risk of defendants invalidating patents using tactics such as Inter-Partes Reviews (“IPR’), patent eligibility challenges (“Alice Motions”) and Appeals filed at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“CAFC”). We have managed through all of these challenges and our experience provides our clients with a higher probability of success of receiving their just rewards from patents that are being infringed by others.

Why should you hire PMI for Patent Litigation Services?

The majority of firms and professionals that provide services in the niche patent intermediary market come from a legal background in patent law but have little operational business experience. We are not lawyers. We come from a deep background in business as entrepreneurs and CEO’s that have started and successfully run companies like those of our clients. Along the way have gained significant knowledge and experience about the complex patent litigation market to effectively manage patent litigation programs understanding our clients business objectives. Most of our clients are going through patent litigation for the first time. From our experience most patent litigators are technically and legally brilliant but lack business experience. We provide an invaluable resource between our clients and the professional legal team that leads to more successful and cost-efficient monetization outcomes.