Patent Licensing Services

If you have foundational patents with many potential infringers, then a patent licensing program may be the monetization strategy of choice. However, with all the options available to defendants to invalidate patents today, licensing programs are rarely successful without a litigation component.

What We Do

In addition to what we do as outlined in our Patent Litigation Service offering we:

  • Develop preliminary claims charts against target licensees

  • Research all potential licensees and design a strategy to approach them in partnership with litigation counsel.

  • Develop a risk adjusted financial model to present to potential licensees to arrive at a fair and reasonable licensing settlement amount.

  • Handle all negotiations with potential licensees or advise litigation counsel of negotiation strategies where appropriate

  • Manage the day to day operations of a patent licensing program for our clients including interactions with litigation counsel.

Our Experience

PMI principals have successfully managed patent licensing/litigation programs for many years, including for a client with a patent portfolio in the printing market that resulted in several licenses with revenues totally millions of dollars.

PMI has also successfully managed a licensing/litigation program for a client with a patent portfolio in the parental controls and mobile device management market that has resulted in several licenses with revenues totalling millions of dollars.

Why should you hire PMI for Patent Licensing Services?

PMI believes that the key to a successful licensing program is to develop a risk adjusted financial model based upon business assumptions to arrive at a fair and reasonable license settlement amount and to use this model as the basis for discussions with target infringers once evidence of infringement is developed. This allows PMI to have a business discussion with prospective licensees rather than a confrontational litigation. In many cases the patent environment requires a patent complaint to be filed in a district court prior to effective licensing discussions taking place. Because PMI principals come from a background in business as entrepreneurs and CEO’s who have started and successfully run companies, we can relate on a busines to business basis with prospective licensees better than most law firms would be able to do.