Patent Advisory Services

What We Do

Strategic Advisory deliverables are customized to the clients needs and situation. Below are examples of some of what we have done:

  • Develop patent valuation reports for use during an M & A process to maximize shareholder value

  • Advise board of directors of appropriate monetization strategies

  • Develop a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for legal services, manage the responses and advise clients on appropriate selection of counsel

  • Develop patent valuation reports for capital raising purposes

  • Develop preliminary evidence of use charts to assist senior management and boards if a patent litigation strategy would be appropriate.

  • Advise on patent prosecution strategies to ensure the development of more valuable enforceable patents

Our Experience

We have developed RFP’s for patent litigation legal services and managed responses from qualified law firms and assisted clients on the selection of the firm that best meet their requirements. As an example, we advised and assisted in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the engagement agreement with the selected litigation firm. After this process we acted as advisors to our client during litigation. In this case our client received a nine-figure jury award.

We created a patent valuation report for a client to show the additional value that their patent portfolio provided in a potential M&A transaction. This report provided them leverage in negotiation with prospective buyers.

Why should you hire PMI for Patent Advisory Services?

The majority of firms and professionals that provide services in the niche patent intermediary market come from a legal background in patent law but have little operational business experience. We are not lawyers. We come from a deep background in business as entrepreneurs and CEO’s that have started and successfully run companies like those of our clients. Over the past twenty years PMI principals have gained significant knowledge and experience around all aspects of patent prosecution and patent monetization. Coming from a business first orientation we have successfully bridged the gap between business strategy and the technically complex world of patents and therefore provide our clients with a unique non legal prospective on patent strategy.