Patent Monetization Inc. Announces another Patent Portfolio Sale!

Toronto, ON May 1, 2012 – Patent Monetization Inc. is pleased to announce the recent sale of selected patents and patent applications owned by Octopz (7842317 Canada Inc.), to Reliable Tack Acquisitions, LLC. Patent Monetization Inc. represented Octopz. Transaction details are confidential.

According to Octopz, “Patent Monetization Inc. brought excellent patent and transaction experience to the table, and properly positioned our portfolio to maximize its value and ROI.”

Paul Cannata, Managing Director of Patent Brokerage Services at Patent Monetization Inc. said, “As patents are becoming increasingly valuable, we are seeing more and more small cap companies cashing in on their valuable IP, this is exactly what we were able to provide here.”

About Octopz

Octopz develops on-demand online collaboration software platform to business users. The company offers integrated support for text messaging, VoIP, and Webcams that allow colleagues and partners to work together securely in real-time. It serves marketing/advertising, designer/photographer, architecture/design, film/television/radio, and Web/software design customers. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.

About Patent Monetization Inc.

Patent Monetization Inc is a full service International patent brokerage firm working primarily with clients who are looking to monetize core and non-core patent and IP assets in the technology and cleantech sectors. Patent Monetization Inc has created a unique patent brokerage service leveraging diverse experience to help clients quickly monetize their IP and generate additional cash flow for the business. Patent Monetization Inc’s co founders include; Michael Cannata, recognized as one of the world’s leading IP Strategists by Intellectual Asset Magazine and Loudon Owen a seasoned IP expert and venture capitalist. Combining years of experience in patent licensing, patent litigation and extensive contacts with patent buyers, Patent Monetization Inc. leverages sophisticated patent analysis technology and proven marketing techniques to find and access strategic buyers with unparalleled depth. Visit for information on our services and current engagements.

Contact: Paul Cannata, Managing Director